Looking after you and your aircraft…

Welcome to Complete Aircraft Care which is situated in Caboolture, Queensland.

Our company was founded at the start of 2014 with 2 Carrier Aircraft Maintenance and Restoration projects with another aircraft RA Aus Ultralights and a Bubble II Fido Aircraft for restoration and maintenance work.

We have a dedicated team of 3 full time Engineers who are highly experienced in maintenance, engineering and restoritative work for modern to historic aircraft.

  • Annual inspections
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Restoration of all aircraft from WW1 wood and fabric aircraft forward
  • Modern day metal and composite aircraft
  • Full wood and fabric recovering and repair work
  • Composite and metal work
  • Movies and television work
  • Corporate events

General Aviation & Engineering Services


We cover all annual inspections, periodic servicing and general maintenance needs. We can provide full inspections and repair for fabric, wood, metal and composite structures including re-rigging and major component repairs.

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Warbird & Classic Restoration Services


At Complete Aircraft Care we pride ourselves on keeping the lines of communication open so that as owners you know what is happening at every step of the restoration process. All our restoration projects are based on historical methods and we implement a 5 part process …

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Corporate, Promotions, Film & TV Services


With 20 years experience in historic aircraft, Dave has worked on a number of movies and documentaries enabling him to provide a unique service to those looking for aircraft or engineering skills for film and television work.

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