Engineering Services

Annual Inspections, Periodic Servicing & General Maintenance

At Complete Aircraft Care we can cover all your annual inspections, periodic servicing and general maintenance needs. We can provide full inspections and repair for fabric, wood, metal and composite structures including re-rigging and major component repairs.

As part of our ongoing service to you we offer a Continued Air Awareness Program that will help keep you as the owner/ operator involved in the maintenance undertaken on your aircraft. By keeping the lines of communication open we are able to plan in advance your maintenance allowing for budget and timetabling constraints and ensuring your aircraft is maintained and kept in first-rate condition.

Specialist Partnerships, Great Results

We work in close partnership with many specialised companies such as Quality Avionics, Aviation Wielding, Superior Air Parts to name just a few; to produce quality workmanship during all aspects of the repair / maintenance.

We are excited to work with Hasting Deering to provide analysis of engine oil and coolant, this allows us to get an overall picture of the health of the aircraft engine and systems and enables us to provide tailored services dependant on your needs.

We are currently licenced to maintain aircraft up to 5700kg but if you have an aircraft larger than this please get in contact as we can get dispensation and/or up our approval limits to suit your requirements.



RA Aus Repairs and Maintenance

We maintain a number of RAAus aircraft and Dave has an extensive history working on Jabiru’s, with the Factory at Bundaberg. He is a Certified Level 4 engineer, and has experience working on Rotax and many other RAAus aircraft types.  If you are building your own aircraft and need some assistance/advice and certification please let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Australian War Birds Association License

We are approved under the Australian War Birds Association for working on any War Bird Aircraft.
Everything from P51 Mustangs through to Harvards or 86 to a Yak 52, we’ve got you covered.
We also look after Tiger Moths, Piper Cubs and other wooden fabric airplanes and antique aircraft such as Fairchild Argus with some experience in Marble I aircraft.

Getting Your Aircraft to Fly Again

We have extensive experience on working with aircraft that has been sitting dormant and once again needs to become flight worthy. For example, in the past we have done a lot of work with DC3’s and Catalina’s.

We go out to where the airplane is stored and get it air worthy again for an owner and then transport it to a base where we can do continual restoration, maintenance and repair work for as long as it continues to operate.

We are currently working on a Twin Pioneer where we need to get it viable and transport it to Caboolture before we can carry out a check to get it fully flight worthy.