DC3 / C-47 Dakota

DC3 / C-47 Dakota

A number of years ago, Dave struck up a deal with his old boss over a bottle of Champagne and curry where he would restore a DC3 for him and in return, receive one for himself.

The aircraft he restored for Air Atlantique was a Gulf Alpha Mike(?) Poppa Yankee, an old World War II Veteran with some D-Day history.

The airplane had been left outside for a few years and was either going to go to a museum or left outside to rot. When Dave came up with the idea to save the 2 airplanes over the period of 1 year with himself and a few volunteers, they worked as much time as they could and got the plane restored with a complete Check Four, which is a major overhaul.

A check Four includes removing the wings and dismantling a certain part of the exterior of the structure of the wing, then a full inspection before restoring the wing. All the under carriage came off and had non-destructive testing. All the interior of the airplane was removed and the hydraulic system and Electrical system inspected and repaired as required.

Then came the wait on the engines and the refitting of one of the engines. The second engine was delayed so in the meantime we were able to get the aircraft back out and running, at which point the aircraft was painted with the Royal Air Force Transport Command colours and is still flying to this day.

The aircraft was originally designed to fly passengers and when the first one was completed, it was flying passengers. However, due to the new European Union Regulations that came out, they stopped the DC3’s from flying passengers. However, rumour has it they may be repealing the regulation and the DC3’s will once again be able to fly passengers.

May 5, 2014