Corporate, Movie & TV Work

With Dave’s 20 years of experience in historic aircraft, he has worked on a number of movies and documentaries enabling him to provide a unique service to those looking for aircraft or engineering skills for film and television work.


Dave worked on the set of the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. The company he was working for at the time supplied an L39 Albatross Jet which was dismantled and reassembled in the French Pyrenees. Dave then operated the aircraft for the ground shots and flying sequences.





Dave has also been involved in a number of Discovery Channel documentaries ranging from using historic aircraft such as the Rapide and DC3 which showed how they got the aircraft air worthy and explaining how the aircraft works.

Corporate Services

Make your next event, staff or client reward something REALLY special!

We have many contacts within the Australian warbird and historic aircraft industry as well as for gliders and ultralights. As such we are able to organize and coordinate an event for different groups such as warbirds, or historic aircraft or normal general aviation aircraft to come together on your behalf. For instance Dave worked with Air Atlantique and Chrysler Jeep for a staff day where they operated a DH Rapide doing pleasure flights, while the rest of the time

staff where looking at historic cars and driving racing cars. We can include all the aircraft we operate such as 6 Tiger Moths through to a P51 Mustang. Many of the aircraft we currently care for can fly passengers, so you can spoil your staff with a flight in a P-51 Mustang, SNJ or in a Tiger Moth.

IMG_7871Examples of Corporate Events

One corporate project included a flight from England to Bahrain for Gulf Air’s 50th Anniversary in an Anson and a Havilland Dove. Instead of shipping them out in a crate, we decided to fly the aircraft there which was a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved, including Gulf Air where we flew the aircraft around all the Gulf Air Hubs. On another project we operated a Dragon Rapide with Chrysler Jeep for their corporate staff date over a weekend. We operated out of Thuxton Race Course and mixed it with motor racing and flying which was very well received and a lot of fun.