Restoration Services

SNJ-AnnualKeeping You Informed

At Complete Aircraft Care we pride ourselves on keeping the lines of communication open so that as owners you know what is happening at every step of the restoration process.

All our restoration projects are based on historical methods and we implement a 5 part process to the restoration which involves splitting the aircraft into its major segments, working on each segment individually and finally placing the aircraft back together.

The breakdown of the 5 part process includes:

  1. The centre fuselage
  2. The rear fuselage
  3. The power section
  4. The port wing; and
  5. The starboard wing



At Complete Aircraft Care we are able to complete on site work including:

SNJ-Fuel-tank-removalSheet metal work

We have the facilities here to either completely manufacture or repair metal structures. This type of work includes from making up new wing ribs through to re-skinning of a fuselage or wing.

Composite repairs

Many modern aircraft have a lot of composite components, especially the ultralights where most people are making them out of composite material instead of metal as a cost saving. We can assist in the manufacture and repairs of any of those parts.

Wooden components

We can build and repair any wooden component for an owner/operator. For example we can build a new wing for a Moth or repair existing wooden wings and fuselages.

Fabric repairs or recovering

We can repair or recover any of the materials that are currently being used, be it the original Star fabrics to more modern fabrics.


Research Assistance

At Complete Aircraft Care we are able to help with the research required on the history of your aircraft. We consult with experts in the field who can guide us in making the restoration of your aircraft historically correct. They provide information on stenciling and paint colors that specific to the aircraft enabling us to finish the aircraft as if it came straight from the factory.

Image039From Tiger Moths to Dakotas!

We currently are in the process of restoring a De Haviland Gypsy Moth which will be completed at the end of 2014/early 2015. This aircraft required a major restoration of the fuselage and wings. To look at the process that we have undertaken to complete the restoration and information about the aircraft please check out its project page.

Staff at Complete Aircraft Care have also been involved in major restorations/overhauls including aircraft such as:-